About Us


As MCG Pharma, we act with the principle of human health in the health sector.

Our company founders differentiated their years of experience in the field of healthcare, which started with pharmacy in 1980, in the field of hearing aids and established the “Gatases Hearing Aids” company in 2013 Turkey’s first Pediatric Hearing Center opened in 2017, has leaded to become a pioneer and leading company in the country. In the same year, it started to invest in the pharmaceutical industry with “MCG Pharma”.

In the first stage, it has the license of products in the field of medical devices and food supplements, and has become able to produce its own medical devices by investing in the production facility. The first fruit of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Product R&D, which it started simultaneously, was “Osirec” parallel to the domestic and national production target of our country.

Currently, MCG Pharma, sorted according to IMS sales data for Turkey is located within the first 100 companies. With its new R&D investments, it will continue to offer innovative products to the service of Turkish Medicine.

Our Mission

While providing high quality products and services that protect human health and provide treatment; Adopts quality as a philosophy of life, attaches importance to ethical values, protects natural resources and environment.

Our Vision

To become one of the fastest growing companies in the sector in our country by establishing the human medical drug production facility and increasing the number of innovative products.