What are the vital duties of the intestinal flora?

Probiotics are bacteria that naturally exist in the digestive system of everyone and are friendly to our body. Probiotics balance the digestive system and act as a natural immune system protector. It fights harmful bacteria, eliminates its effect and prevents the digestive system from accommodating, protecting the body against infections.

What are the vital duties of the intestinal flora?

It helps digestion

Strengthens intestinal barrier functions

Prevents toxic products and heavy metals from passing through the intestines into the blood

Regulates and strengthens the immune system

Helps regulate hormones such as serotonin and dopamine

Prevents allergies

It allows both intestinal cells and beneficial bacteria to multiply.

Supports liver functions

Produces vitamin K and B

It helps the body absorb calcium, magnesium and iron.

It prevents the formation of inflammation in the intestinal mucos

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